We are currently updating the website so please keep that in mind as you search for your vintage treasures. Thank you for your patience.

Why waste valuable time going to auctions, garage sales or estate sales looking for that must have item? Why not let us do that for you? We buy and sale fun and unusual items with the idea that you should decorate your life...with style. Some of our items are gently used and some are brand spanking new...either way, we know you will find something here that you just can't live without.

Like many of you, we enjoy collecting fun and unique items. Over the years, we've found some amazing items that we just didn't have room for. Often times, some of those vintage items end up getting thrown away or destroyed. The idea that some of these vintage items would just go to waste was too much for us to handle. That's why we started EnchantedDecoractions.com. We needed a reason to buy items that we ourselves couldn't use, but were too valuable or too important to just let deteriorate and disappear.

Our sincere hope is that we can help find some of these valuable and important vintage items a new home where they can be displayed, used, and appreciated for the treasures that they truly are.