Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently updating the website so please keep that in mind as you search for your vintage treasures. Thank you for your patience.

Who are you?

We are just like you. We love cool stuff. After years of collecting, we decided it was time to sell some of our items. That idea eventually lead us to creating this website. We are not a big box company. Every item we have has been handpicked and as such our inventory changes constantly.

Where do you find these cool items?

We get our items from garage sales, estate sales, auctions, thrift stores, etc...basically if it's cool and it's for sale, we'll find it.

Is my online payment secure?

Yes! Online payments are handled through PayPal. We do not store or keep payment information in our system.

What happens if two people buy the same item at the same time?

We've taken a few steps to try to limit this issue as much as possible. Upon check out through PayPal, all items will be held for 5 minutes to allow you to complete the purchase. If someone tries to purchase that same item during this hold period, they will get a message saying that the item is no longer available. In the off chance that you get charged for an item that is no longer available, we will issue a refund on that purchase.

What is your return policy?

All items are sold "As Is" unless otherwise noted. If you have an issue with an item, please contact us as soon as possible. In some cases we may issue a refund or a discount, but generally speaking, we do not accept returns. Obviously, we want you to be happy with your purchase and we will do our best to help make sure that happens, but please understand that most of our items are used and as such have some signs of wear.

I live in the DFW area, can I pick up items locally?

Yes. The best thing to do is to contact us prior to making a purchase so that we can make the proper arrangements. If you've already made your purchase and have been charged for shipping, we will reimburse you upon pick up of your item. If the item is not picked up at the mutually arranged time, we will not reimburse you for the shipping costs.

How do I contact you

The best way to contact us is to fill out the form here. Since we are a small family business, we do not currently have a business phone number or P.O. Box. We are looking into changing this, but for now, please use the contact us form.

Are you involved in Social Media?

Yes! Currently, we do have a Facebook page which we hope will grow as we move forward. One of the things that makes us happy, is to find forgotten items that deserve to be admired and displayed. We'd love to hear your story or see how you've chosen to love your new purchase.

I love your website. Who built it for you?

We built the website ourselves. We've put a lot of work into it but there is still plenty of work that needs be done before we're satisfied. If you'd like us to build your website, contact us today and let us know what you're looking to accomplish...maybe we can help.

What other services do you offer?

We actually started out as a party planning company. We do all kinds of events including receptions, quinceneras, birthdays, baby showers, etc. If you live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and would like more information about these services, please contact us today.